Supporting Education Programs
This opportunity is scheduled weekly on Saturdays of each month from    8:00am through 2:00pm.  This is a COMBINED event that is accepting Local & Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables, Plants, Food, Wholesale, Resale and Made-In-Hawaii products.  This event requires screening for all items and this venue continues through December 31, 2016.
We are pleased to announce that our "Specialty Farmers' Markets"  has provided Creations of Hawaii with an opportunity of a new combined venue described as the Waikiki Specialty Farmers' Market (WsFM) & WaikikiWe are proud to showcase a variety of participants that are a part of this great opportunity  and should you be interested in participating in this  Waikiki Specialty Farmers' Market (WsFM), please view the information at the bottom on this page.
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This year-round and non-profit event assist with supporting the education of the students and teachers at President Thomas Jefferson School. 
If you would like to take part of this great opportunity, please note the following important aspects of this venue:
DATE:  This weekly event is scheduled on Saturdays and in order to have a positive impact in this venue, consistency and customer service are essential for the success of the WsFM  specialty farmers’ market. A vendor who participates in the WsFM specialty farmers’ market must be present through the duration of their specified weekly agreement.  Participants must understand that the WsFM  specialty farmers’ market exists to not only sell a variety of items, but to promote the WsFM message to support “Made-In-Hawaii” or “buy locally grown” as well as to support Native Hawaiian and Hawaii small size businesses.
HOURS: WsFM Saturdays - 8:00am through 2:00pm year round with the exception of the possibility of increasing hours. All verbal and written agreements are binding. Mandatory to be ready for business no later then 7:45am and mandatory breakdown is ONLY allowed after 2:05pm, due to the advertising that we set forward for the hours and required to leave the premises at the latest 3:30pm. If additional extension needed, please advise. Late set-up or early breakdown is a non-compliance violation and therefore, an assessment fee of $50 will be charged for each violation.
FEES:(1) Creations of Hawaii fees support our advertising as well as a portion of the proceeds are given back to support the education of the students of President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and assist the MKL Community Outreach Projects.(2)Your base weekly fee is based on your category level and your selection level. (3)These fees are based on bringing in your own table and/or tent. Should you not have this available, you may rent a tent at a weekly rate of  $75 per 10x10 per day.  (4)  Payment in full is required on a monthly basis which is due on the first of every month prior to your participation. (5)All Fees are non-refundable and there will be an assessment fee charged of $40 each check return and we will disallow accepting checks after the second return check. Thereafter, all payment will be accepted by money order, cashier’s check and/or cash only.
ADVERTISING:  Creations of Hawaii will be making every effort to promote this exciting opportunity. We will be utilizing areas such as advertising directly to the surround local residence, as well as media within the newspapers, on-line, fliers and additional feasible advertising within our local and tourist community. The success of this also depends on your combined efforts of advertising within your own businesses as well as promoting within your clientele base.
APPLICATION:  Should you be interest in this opportunity, please feel free to contact Creations of Hawaii at (808)735-4510 Extension 2 directly or email at We appreciate that all communication be directed to Creations of Hawaii and DO NOT CONTACT President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School for this venue.
We take pride in our commitment to supporting the education of President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, local businesses as well as supporting the MKL Community Outreach Projects with Education, Cancer and the Homeless in Hawaii.