For clarity of screening procedures, please contact (808)735-4510
  • Mandatory screening procedures is required to determine which category an applicant is qualified in by either truly "Made in Hawai'i" or "Quality Wholesale and Resale".
  • Mandatory and in person screening is required for first time participants, prior to acceptance to any festival or specialty event.
  • Should an applicant have additional new items to showcase at any venue, mandatory screening procedures is required.
  • E-mail, website and/or photographs are not acceptable for screening.
  • We have the right to request an on-site premises screening on all applicants' items to authenticate that the products are authentically and truly "Made in Hawai'i".
  • We have the right to screen any and all applicants' items that are being sold during any specialty event.
  • We have the right to decline any and all applicants' that is currently selling any of their items within any of the contracted locations and shops that the events are being held.
  • We have the right to decline any and all items that we believe is a duplication of any one (1) applicant.
  • Applicant must posses a current General Excise Tax License in the State of Hawai'i and must provide a copy of this license to show proof of compliance.
  • Once the determination of the applicant's category is established, applicant is required to select no more then two (2) category listings below:
[]Beauty and Bath
[]Ceramics and Potter
[]Fabric Items
[]Painting Artist
[]Personal accessories
[]Specialty Gifts
[]Other - Required to provide detail description of items
  • Should the event be limited to "Made in Hawai'i", all products must meet all legal requirements of all applicable laws and rules relating "Made in Hawai'i", including §486-119 Hawai'i made products, which states that: "No person all keep, offer, display, or expose for sale, or solicit for the sale of any item, product, souvenir, or any other merchandise which labeled "Made in Hawai'i" or which by any other means misrepresents the origin of the item as being from any place within the State, which as not been manufactured, assembled, fabricated, or produced within the State of Hawai'i and which has not had at least fifty-one percent (51%) of its wholesale value added by manufacture, assembly, fabrication, or production within the State".
  • Unlike the State of Hawai'i §486-119 applicable laws and rulings above, CREATIONS OF HAWAI'I, requires that the percentage is sixty-five percent (65%) of its wholesale value added by manufacture, assembly, fabrication, or production within the State of Hawai'i and the balance of thirty-five percent (35%) is for supplies and materials that are purchased within and/or outside of the State of Hawai'i.
  • We will only accept items that are of quality and is required to be screened.  For example we will not accept items that are purchased from a 99¢ store and then glue another item on it and then resell it.
  • We have our integrity of quality events to maintain and we absolutely will decline any applicant's items that we feel will jeopardize the event with simply swap meet type items that is not considered as "Quality Wholesale and Resale".